Reela is a brand of room shoes that was born with the theme of simplicity and relaxation. Experienced craftsmen pursue ease of wear and carefully create each pair. Based on the idea that "footwear is easy to wear", a room sabo that fits your lifestyle was born. Over 50 years of knowledge and experience are generously incorporated, and only the necessary parts are extracted. A comfort that surprises everyone, which cannot be imagined from its simple appearance.

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Founded in 1963 as a Sandals maker in Ehime Japan. Since its founding, with the concept of "walking is living", we have pursued "ease of wearing" by accumulating research and achievements in walking.Using the production technology of sandals and using wooden molds, craftsmen are handmade and consistently produce.

Item Lineup

RoomSabots Smooth

RoomSabots Smooth

RoomSabots Smooth