A new style of baseball goods made by a long-established baseball ball maker founded in 1952. A number of items created by mixing new ideas with ball making techniques and experience. Bring your favorite baseball into your life. And I want more people to like baseball. The brand born from such thoughts is "rebolld"

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Founded in 1952.
Started as a manufacturer of baseball used by professional baseball players in Japan,
Our balls have always been behind many records and famous scenes.
It has been used regularly in official baseball competition ,
as well as in professional baseball.
Mr. Sadaharu Oh made Japan excited with the world record 756th home run,
That ball is also our company's ball.
Through our numerous customers and baseballs,
We are proud to have provided fun and joy.
And from the desire to incorporate the fun of baseball into everyday life
The product of "rebolld" was born.
[Enjoy everyday life with a new baseball that has never existed before]
By incorporating baseball into everyday life, of course, for baseball lovers,
I would like people who have not yet encountered the fun of
baseball to become interested in baseball.
In order to realize such a feeling, we will challenge new shapes of various baseballs.

Item Lineup

Golden nyacolon

Black nyacolon

Lucky nyacolon

LOVE nyacolon


Baseball design glass made in Hasami

Baseball design small plate made in Hasami

Baseball design bowl made in Hasami