Manufacturing in millimeters, unique to human hands Ouchi Kogei was founded in 1974 against the backdrop of rich forests in the northwestern part of Oita Prefecture. Since its founding, we have continued to make tableware and kitchen tools with excellent practicality and functional beauty, using high-quality Moso bamboo grown in the bamboo grove around the workshop as a material. Bamboo chopsticks made from supple and straight Moso bamboo are synonymous with Ouchi crafts. Chopsticks, which are light and easy to fit in your hands, have been loved for generations.

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Ouchi Kogei has dared to carry out manufacturing by hand by craftsmen. To make a fine chopstick tip, finer adjustment than 0.2mm is required. Bamboo has soft and hard knots, so uniform machining with a machine will not give a smooth finish. Only with the delicate adjustment of human hands can a high-quality bamboo product that makes the best use of the beauty of the material be born.

Item Lineup

Diamond cut sharpened chopsticks

Rounded ground chopsticks

Saibashi(long cooking chopsticks)

Diamond cut large chopsticks

Diamond cut large chopsticks

Lacquerd fork set